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New Year’s Babies: A Nationwide Sampling of Baby Names

Across the United States, Americans ushered in 2012 with a time-honored tradition: celebrating the first babies of the New Year.

So here at Name Cupid, I’ll bring you a New Year’s baby name from each state*, names as diverse as the country itself. I give you these 31 girls’ names and 20 boys’ names (Arizona had two New Year’s babies born near the same time). We’ve got the #1 name in America, and several names that may never have been used before: it’s a true cross-section of the country’s naming landscape. Perhaps here you’ll also find a name you’d use for your own baby to be!

Alabama- Here we see a more unique take on a popular name. Little Madisyn's parents gave her a name that ranks #338 on the USA 2010 chart. In its most popular spelling, Madison, it is the #8 popular name in the country.  

Alaska- In the Last Frontier, Sophie made her headline-grabbing debut. It is the #59 on the 2010 charts, and this little Sophie also has siblings with hit names: popular Jake and Claire, and sure-to-rise Cade.

Arizona- Two rarer names shared the New Year’s baby spotlight here, with Alayah netting the more popular of the two names, at #849 on the American chart. The other New Year’s baby, Eviana is unranked, just 29 baby girls with that name were born here last year. Maybe that name is underused because it evokes this image for anyone who watched Superstar in the late 1990s.

Arkansas- Razorbacks welcomed baby Wesley, the #159 name on the chart and a nice alternative to parents drawn to more popular names of a similar  style like Jeremy or Zachary.

California- The Golden State gave us a biblical favorite, Luke is #41 on the most recent chart.

Colorado- Here Aubrey, the #44 name in the country and perhaps another name in-part propelled by reality TV stardom, makes her mark.

Connecticut- Nutmegger Enaidalise is unranked, and no data on it is available, meaning less than five little girls were born with this name in the US last year. Enaidalise’s mom said she invented the name, using Enaida as the root. Enaida is also not listed among 2010 US births.

Delaware- Here a little boy with a hip ‘n’ ending, makes news with his birthAustin is the #64 name in the US.

Florida- Little Benjamin joins Colorado’s Luke as a biblical New Year’s babe. This Sunshine Stater has the #22 name in the country.

Georgia- Scarlett's parents could have been inspired by a certain southern belle when they gave their daughter the #114 most popular name in the land.

Hawaii- Here Hawaiians said Aloha to a virtue name: #74 Faith made her entrance.

Idaho- In Idaho, these parents chose the #25 name in America (and also one of the most “stylistically divisive” names in the country) for their little slice of heaven, Nevaeh.

Illinois- Do you like Ava but find it too popular? You might want to try out Avery, the #23 name in America and the name of this little sister to Addison.

Indiana- Another virtue name takes the prize here, as Hoosiers ring in the new year with #18 Grace.

Iowa- You might think the name of Iowa New Year’s newborn Abigayle is uniquely spelled, and it is, but it isn’t as unique as you might think. There were 211 babies whose names were spelled this way last year. In its most popular spelling, Abigail is #7 on the charts.

Kansas- In the Sunflower State, baby Adelyn (#385)bloomed not long after midnight.

Kentucky- The timeless Sophia, #2 name in America, was born in Louisville.

Louisiana-Here they celebrated #233 Kelsey, a hip alternative for parents who might find Chelsea too closely tied to a talk show host or former first daughter.

Maine- Where the way life should be, they didn’t get coal for Christmas, they got Cole for New Year’s. This #89 name in the country has climbed in popularity after a certain Oscar-worthy performance at the turn of the millenium.

Maryland- A color name won prominence here, with little Sienna's  (#210) timely arrival. It's a name with hot sounds and a hip namesake.

Massachusetts- There was another Grace in the Bay State. Her twin brother is Luke, born moments later.

Michigan- Baby Jeremiah, who’s got the #52 name in the country, has an on-trend name with an antique feel.

Minnesota- Minnesotans offered up a vintage name of their own, and one with a certain rugged quality, with the birth of #70 Levi.

Mississippi- I’ve told you here before that you can’t make up a baby name, but I’d bet little Za’qwan’s parents thought they had a one-of-a-kind name for their newborn. They almost do: there is no data for the name Za’qwan, meaning there were less than five babies with that name born last year. But there were 22 baby boys named Zaquan.

Missouri- As in Mississippi, creative-spelling reigned with the birth of baby Juh’stiz. While this name is also unlisted, its most popular spelling, Justice, is the #538 girls’ name in the country.

Montana- They celebrated modern favorite Jackson in Montana. His name ranks the 25th most popular boys’ name in the country.

Nebraska- Iliana, #750, is a Cornhusker New Year’s Baby born in Lincoln

Nevada- In the Silver State, they have the Envy  of all the New Year’s babies. Just 40 little girls were named Envy in 2010, perhaps because the word is one of the seven deadly sins.

New Hampshire- Granite Staters welcomed a little one whose name was most en vogue in the 1990s. Baby Leanna's name is#700 on the charts.

New Jersey- Tiny Sabrina #219, made her New Jersey entrance this New Year’s.

New Mexico- Here Hailey, the #19 in the land, grabbed the media attention. Her name is one that rose in prominence after mega-popular rapper Eminem dedicated tunes to his similarly-named daughter Hailie.

New York- Jay-Z should be proud that this little New Yorker was named Carter. That name is now the #48 name in the US. 

North Carolina- North Carolinans rang in the New Year with centuries-old favorite Charles. He has the #63 name in America, but it is even more popular when you consider that Charlie ranks #244.

North Dakota- Up north, the New Year’s baby name had western flair with #57 Wyatt.

Ohio- Here we have the #1 New Year’s baby, Jacob, who boasts the most popular boys’ moniker in the country.

Oklahoma- Where the wind comes whistlin’ down the plain a name once most popular on boys was given to a baby girl. There were just 107 girls named Haiden born last year, but in its most popular form, Hayden, it ranked #96 on the boys’ chart and #162 on the girls’ chart. Maybe this hero is to thank for the girls’ surge.

Oregon- New Year’s baby Zoey got the #47 name in the land. The name’s most popular spelling, Zoe, ranks #31.

Pennsylvania- In Pennsylvania, baby Robert Jr. (who has the #54 name in America) was born just before 1 a.m.

Rhode Island- Ocean Stater’s welcomed a boy with the #213 name in America, the vintage and biblical Ezekiel.

South Carolina- South Carolinans cheered the arrival of #14 Natalie.

South Dakota- In the Mount Rushmore State, little Kylee greeted 2012. Her name is #139 in the country (its most popular spelling, Kylie, is #57). Her twin, John Jr., was born minutes later.

Tennessee- In Tennessee they saw a rarer name in baby Chaison. There were just six babies with this name, which could be a combination of Chase and Jason, born last year. There were also 43 boys named Chason born. 

Texas- New Year’s baby Layla  (#37), could be a choice for parents who like Lily but worry about its popularity.

Utah- Utah’s baby, Jaden (#91), beats out Jacob in terms of popularity when you combine all of its spellings. The spelling Jayden is ranked #4 in the country. 

Vermont- Here baby Wells comes in with a rare name, outside of the country’s Top #1000. But his name seems familiar when you compare it to 2010’s Vermont New Year’s baby, whose parents selected a unique name in Azrael, also the name of the angel of death. There were 34 boys named Azrael born in the US last year, I’d bet their names were inspired not by this angel, but from this popular comic

Virginia- Here #73 Colton was a New Year’s birth.

Washington- Appropriately, this state had a presidentially-named New Year’s baby, #629 Maleah. The most popular spelling, Malia, is #203. 

West Virginia- While Felix charts at #331 as a boys’ name, it is unranked, unlisted, and virtually unheard of as a girls’ name, as it was used here.

Wisconsin- New Year’s baby Adele (#908), will surely see her name rise in popularity because of this songstress. This Adele’s siblings provide a host of naming options for parents looking for a mix of tradition and hipness. Her brothers and sisters are Finnian, Elizabeth, Lucy, James, Flannery and Lydia.

Wyoming- Little Jared's name still ranks #242, but it is likely more popular when this baby's parents were kids. He came four weeks early in order to be the New Year’s baby.

*some of these babies are the first born in that state, others are the babies born nearest the state capital.

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